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How to Contribute

The best way to contribute is to join Cerbumi.org and participate in projects. Join Cerbumi.org now and start making a difference!

Share the Idea

Do you like the Cerbumi.org idea? Please tell others about it. Encourage them to visit our site and/or email them a copy of our executive summary or pilot proposal. If you're an existing member, invite your friends, associates, and family to join the site and start participating.

Join the Advisory Board

Are you excited by what Cerbumi.org has to offer and have grand ideas or resources to share? Consider joining our Advisory Board and becoming a part of the team. Contact us to learn more.

Submit a Challenge

Do you have ideas for a project that Cerbumi would be a good fit for? Do you know of a story similar to the elephants and farmers in Zimbabwe? Tell us more about it!

Make a Financial Contribution

Due to financial and organizational limitations, we are not a nonprofit organization at the moment. We are considering nonprofit status but are also interested in partnering with a larger nonprofit organization to help us with our mission. Please contact us if you have thoughts or suggestions.