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Pilot Proposal

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IV. What Cerbumi.org offers to participants

To nonprofits, Cerbumi.org offers visibility, access to potential solutions, and "brainpower." This may also assist in matching good solutions with interested funders.

To volunteers, Cerbumi.org offers a unique way of making a real difference, without even losing the comforts of home. It provides the camaraderie of participation in a team, and the satisfaction of seeing the results of one's expertise and contributions. In addition, the experience offers valuable problem solving and communication skills that could prove invaluable if applied elsewhere.

To employers of volunteers, Cerbumi.org provides critical problem solving and communication training to employees by their participation and observation of the cerbumi process. It also trains employees how to work effectively on problem solving over the Internet, useful in an age where firms employ knowledge workers all over the world.

To donors, Cerbumi.org provides a way of contributing directly to projects that have a strong chance of results. Ideal Cerbumi.org solutions are readily tested.

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