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Pilot Proposal

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VII. Necessary resources

The cerbumi pilot will need substantial resources to be successful. First, Cerbumi.org is an environment for open collaborative design that links nonprofits, volunteers, and donors. It cannot succeed without a sufficient number of each type of "actor:"

  • Mentors to guide the creation of Cerbumi.org
  • Nonprofits identify problems and implement solutions
  • Experts in a variety of fields
  • Volunteers donate their time to brainstorm, provide skilled advice, and maintain the site
  • Donors provide the necessary capital to test solutions, an optional but elegant solution

Cerbumi.org also needs financial backing to build the collaborative environment and guide projects. Each phase brings its expenses. We have prorated expenses for the duration of the phase.

Description and justification Phase I Phase II
Linux-powered server
A separate Linux-powered machine ensures greater scalability, security, and flexibility. It is also substantially cheaper than using a Windows-based platform.
$750 -
Collocated Internet hosting, 6 months at $75/mo
Using a dedicated server requires a connection to the Internet through a collocation facility.
$450 $450
Programming services, $25/hr
Building and upgrading Cerbumi.org quickly will require the effort of paid programmers.
$4,000 $1000
Project management, $30/hr
Creating documentation, recruiting board, managing new volunteers, promoting the project.
$7,800 $7,800
General supplies $500 $500
Phone costs $200 $200
Networking hardware and general IT support for key staff
In-kind contribution valued at $600/phase
- -
Totals: $13,700 $9,950

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